10 Things I’ve Learned From One Month in Network Marketing

I joined Arbonne as an independent consultant almost a month ago after frantically trying to figure out how to make ends meet to help support my family.  Being a new stay at home mom, I wanted a job that would allow me to stay at home and work around my son’s nap schedule.  Within this first month I have had days where I’ve been over the moon excited and then others when I’ve been seriously frustrated and ready to quit.  Through the amazing support of my husband, my sponsor, and family/friends I have continued with it and grown in ways I didn’t think I would.  For anyone who is just starting out, or thinking about becoming a consultant for a network marketing company… here are 10 things I have learned this month that have encouraged me to keep going and be successful in this business.

  1. Network Marketing is a REAL profession… so act professional.

On my very first friends and family call, I had one person call in.  My sponsor did the presentation while I listened and then I followed up with my friend later.  During the follow up, I was embarrassed, giggly, and almost apologetic.  Not because the call had gone bad or because my friend wasn’t interested, but because I was insecure about the business and how it would make me look.  To build a business with that behavior and that attitude is not effective.  I had to learn that there is no reason to be embarrassed by this business because it is a legitimate business that people are legitimately successful with.  But those who are successful treat it professionally, act professionally, and work diligently as a professional.  (Luckily my friend let me have a do-over and it went MUCH better!)

2.  Just like any other profession, you need training.

When I started my career to becoming a teacher I enrolled in a four year university, took several classes, read several books, listened to a great many professionals who had gone before me, and observed a lot of great teachers.  I didn’t just jump into the classroom and hope for the best.

Just like with teaching (or any other profession), with network marketing you need training.  You can’t expect to just jump in and not learn anything new.  People who have been successful in this business have written books, blogs, or have recorded trainings.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!  Many mistakes have already been made so you can learn from others and (hopefully) not make those same mistakes.  Approaching people about your business or product requires skill and knowledge, and you can learn just how to do that from reading the books and growing yourself in your profession.

3.  People will tell you no… but that’s okay.

At one of my parties for my new business a friend told me that she was surprised when she found out I was doing a business “like that”.  Several people have said no, or just ignored me, when I’ve attempted to introduce them to my new business.  But that’s okay.  Really.  I’ve been listening to a lot of training material lately and one thing that has stuck out to me is that it is absolutely okay, even good, when people say no.  That’s because if I wasn’t out there doing my job and introducing my business and products to people, I wouldn’t get no’s… but I wouldn’t get yes’s either.  Each “no” is a step toward success, mark it off of your goal list for 100 “no’s” and know that you have accomplished something!  When you step up and work in your business the no’s will come, but that just makes the yes’s all the more sweet.

4.  Surround yourself with people who will encourage you.

It is easy to become discouraged when family members or close friends don’t think you can do it.  Or when the day was not as fruitful as you had hoped.  Surround yourself with a team of people who will encourage you when all hope seems lost.  For me, it’s my husband, my mom, my sponsor, and my teammates.  My husband has been amazing at building me up and even bringing people to me who are interested in the business or the products!  My sponsor has been an invaluable resource for all sorts of encouragement and advice.

If you surround yourself with people who don’t encourage you and aren’t supportive of your business, it’s easier to start believing them and then even give up before you get to reap the rewards of your hard work.  Supporters and encouragers help you get to that reward probably just as much as all the hard work you personally put in.

5.  It’s about building relationships, not always selling a product.

Obviously you want to sell products, that is part of how you earn money.  But more than that building relationships is key when building this business.  People need to trust you and know that you actually care about them and not about making a buck off of them.  This is what I love about Arbonne, I KNOW the products work and are amazing and I get to share them with people because I want to help them and I care about them!

When approaching people about them possibly starting their own business, it isn’t about having numbers on your team (that will burn you and your team out quick).  It is about seeing people who are in need of an opportunity like this, people who clearly have skills that are conducive to this type of business, and offering an opportunity to help them and build them up and work alongside them.


When you are working hard at this business, it is hard to not get excited about the opportunity and time freedom it provides.  When we get excited about things usually we share them with others.  Others will see our excitement and our success and think to themselves “hey, there is something to this… maybe I should try it too!”  Duplicating yourself and growing a team is going to be what helps the most as you grow your business.

7.  Don’t forget the reason you started this business to begin with.

This is, I think, the hardest lesson I’ve had to learn.  The reason I started this business was to have the time freedom to raise my son and spend most of my day with him.  But when I get excited about my work I tend to want to spend a lot of time on it.  My toddler is very good at entertaining himself which is good but also has allowed me to spend more time working and less time actually on the floor playing with him or teaching him.  He is the reason I’m with Arbonne to begin with!  That means that I need to schedule my work time and do as much as I can during that time, but then when he is awake I need to actually be spending time with him.  (Which really shouldn’t be that hard… my kid is adorable!)

8.  You may be in business for yourself, but you aren’t alone.

This is my favorite part of the business.  I am not a self-motivator or a very disciplined person.  I love streaming tv shows and staying in my pjs all day long.  And if left to myself with no accountability, that is exactly what I will do.  In fact, that is what I was doing before I joined Arbonne.  There has literally not been one day that I haven’t been in contact with my sponsor about a call, a party, a training, a professional development book, or SOMETHING!  The people pleaser in me does not want to disappoint my sponsor and so really that gives me the kick I need to actually do my work every day, possibly shower, and be productive.

9.  It requires hard work, and it’s worth it!

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  This is a job.  This is real work.  This is a lot of stepping out of your comfort zone.  But when you believe in the product and the business and are effectively sharing that with others, you will see growth and it will make the job very very worth all the work you put in.

10.  Focus on your strengths.

This may be the most important lesson to learn.  When a member of my upline talked about discovering your own strengths and not just copying other’s, my first thought was “my only strength is teaching…” and immediately I started wishing I was going back to the classroom this fall (actually, my teacher friends have already returned to work!).  But in actuality, teaching is a great strength to have in this profession!  I know how to effectively introduce others to something new.

If you aren’t good at being in large groups (parties), or if talking to someone one-on-one is very scary for you, then find what works for you.  Maybe you are really good at leadership and you can help build up others in this business.  Maybe you are really good at caring for others and so you can use that as you grow your own business.  Whatever your strengths are, focus on them, build them up, and in turn your business will be built and grow stronger.

I hope you have found this helpful!  Let me know in the comments below if there are any lessons you have learned from network marketing, or if you have questions!  Please keep any comments helpful and not harmful.  Thanks!