Grace and R.B. Face

I feel a poem coming on

There must be something seriously wrong.

I don’t normally write in rhyme

I don’t normally have the time

So all you working mommas out there,

Come take a seat with Mrs. Fehr.

Please remember, criss-cross applesauce,

Oh, and that deadline from your boss.

The kids come first, paperwork is due,

Today was not the day to wear new shoe (s).

“Mommy I want to hold you”

That’s the only thing I want to do,

But the dishes are overflowing,

Your dad’s out mowing,

The baby is screeching

Your little arms are reaching.

It’s 12am

Finally some peace and quiet again.

Time to get that paperwork done

So maybe tomorrow you can have some fun.

This poem was supposed to be funny

Let’s definitely not talk about money.

Sometimes poems take a life of their own

just like those kids that one day will be grown.

It’s okay to not be perfect, it’s okay to let a few things slide

A pan a brownies doesn’t really show up on your thighs.

So go brew the coffee

Maybe eat a toffee,

And give yourself some grace

Otherwise you might end up with Resting B**** Face :0 !



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