Practically Perfect

I have this idea in my head of Mary Poppins living… Practically Perfect in Every Way.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Doing it all and doing it all practically perfectly?  This working momma definitely wants to know her secret to keeping it all together and NOT having a mental break-down.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, NOBODY is super mom, NOBODY has it all together, NOBODY is Practically Perfect.

Perhaps for our parents or grand parents generations there was a big push to not “air your dirty laundry” and always appear under control and happy.  I am so so grateful for what I’m seeing from my generation.  Transparency. Vulnerability. Grace.

Ya’ll, we don’t have to be perfect!  We can have limits!  We CAN HAVE MESSY HOUSES AND MESSY LIVES!!

So, in the spirit of being transparent, here is a look at my not-so practically perfect life:

  1.  This morning I went to pick up the coffee creamer and give it a bit of a shake… what I didn’t know is that the top was not closed right … CREAMER EVERYWHERE.
  2. When reading a letter at my youngest son’s dedication, my oldest son shouted at me to “stop saying” and hit me when I didn’t.  In front of the church. #winning
  3. Life has gotten so crazy lately that the only time laundry seems to get done is when neither of us has any clean underwear left… stinks to be the first person to run out. (pun intended 😉 ).
  4. We have a new definition for put your toys away at our house (for the time being).  Away seems to be in the middle of the floor, in between doorways, and under the couch.  Anywhere but in the bins on the shelf.  Because that would just make sense.
  5. The amount of coffee consumption has sky rocketed to new heights since going back to work… and getting an incredibly awesome automatic pour-over coffee machine… We also now ONLY buy fancy coffee… no place for folder’s in our cups!
  6. It’s getting a bit cold now and so I’ve been wearing a robe in the mornings.  I put it on inside out today and didn’t realize.  I’ve been awake for over an hour.
  7. Do kids reaaally need baths more than once a week? (the answer is yes… probably… does using a baby wipe count?)

But, my kids are alive, my family is clothed ( although sometimes a bit smelly… but that’s what cologne and body spray are for right?) and fed and the adults are most of the time appropriately caffeinated.  That’s as close to practically perfect as I think I’m ever going to get ;).



One thought on “Practically Perfect

  1. You’ll get through this Barb! This is just a season of life and although you think this will never pass, one day you’ll look back and wonder how time passed so quickly. You’re always going to have dust and clutter and dirty laundry; but your boys will only be little for a short time and putting your energy into loving them is the only thing that matters right now. Raising them to love and honor God is your investment in eternal value. You’re doing a great job! Keep on keeping on!❤️


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