Earning Money from Home… Without Watching Other People’s Kids

Staying at home with my children is incredibly important to me.  But with the cost of living, student loan debt, and the desire to one day own a house again… living on one paycheck doesn’t always make life super comfortable.

I know that my family cannot be the only one out there that struggles to pay off debt AND maintain a one-income household.  So I thought I’d share with you all some things that I do to help bring in some extra cash without having to watch other people’s children (because the point for me is to be home with MY kids).

1.  Take online surveys.  There are MANY websites that will pay you to take surveys, but only one that I have found that will pay you cash instead of “points”.  I use PaidViewPoint and have cashed out a few times this year, as has my husband, bringing in about $80.  This is definitely not a way to earn a full-time (or even part-time) income.  BUT the surveys take about 1-3 minutes each and you at the very least 10 cents a survey.  I’ve earned $5 on a few surveys.  It’s something quick and easy to do when you think about it, and when you reach $15 you can cash out and have some extra pocket money… maybe halfway to a date night?  Here is my referral link, check it out!  http://paidviewpoint.com/?r=4cudzk


2.  Make Something.  What are your skills?  Are you creative?  Can you make or create something that other’s would want to pay money for?  Then sell it!  With websites like Etsy and TeacherspayTeachers you can have your own business creating what you are passionate about.  I have a page through teacherspayteachers and usually can bring in about $30-$75 a month depending on the time of year.  I have a friend who actually earns a full-time salary with her teacher store!  The more you make, the more you can sell.  Share your creativity with others!


3.  Sell your stuff.  Do you love it?  Do you use it?  If no, then sell it!  I’ve brought in hundreds of dollars with selling stuff we just don’t need.

4. Join a network marketing company.  This is a legitimate way to earn money.  It isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme and requires you to commit at least 15 hours a week in order to be successful.  I wrote a post a while back on what I learned from 1 month in my business, you should go read it.  There are many different companies you can choose from,  so pick one that you are passionate about.  I love knowing my family is using every day products that won’t harm them.  That’s why I work a business through Arbonne.


5.  Write a blog post about how to earn money from home and include all your links.  😉

Welp, that’s what I have for you!  I would LOVE to hear your advice on how you earn extra income from home.  Let me know!